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Personal News Feed

The home screen hosts your personal news feed, tailor-made for you. It is based on your investment interests and the stocks, ETFs, cryptos and commodities you are tracking on your watchlists.

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Compile and organise your favorite assets in a flexible and efficient way. Create different lists and sub-lists and mark symbols.

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Smart News & Financial News

All the important news updates 24/7 with no latency. Get news specific to your personal investment interests with Smart News.

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Global Markets & Asset Classes

Access an overview of all major markets and asset classes: US, UK and European stock markets, cryptos, major ETFS, currencies and commodities in the markets section!

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Asset Details & Analytical Tools

Every asset has a dedicated detail section to allow you a clear overview from key statistics, related news, financial reports to technical signal, sentiments and estimates.

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Virtual Portfolio

Add and track a wide array of assets using market, historical, or custom prices. Dive into each asset's comprehensive in-depth screen for a detailed analysis. Plan ahead to maximise your investment potential.

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Why Fora?

Sifting through the torrent of financial information is time-consuming.

Fora curates the latest news, reports, expert sentiments, chart formations, and significant price changes and prepares your personal feed specific to your interests and investment goals.

In a global world where everything is connected, it is not easy to keep on top.

Our Smart News service sends you short real-time updates about all events with a possible high impact. If something is expected to stir up the markets, you will hear it from us.

As finance becomes more and more borderless, perspective is essential.

Fora streams real-time data for hundreds of symbols from the UK, US, and European markets, ETFs, cryptos, currencies, and commodities. Explore all angles before making an investment decision.

Analytical Tools

Look from all angles &
gain deeper insight

Price Target

Average price projection based on analyst estimates.

Estimated Earnings

Average earnings forecast for upcoming quarters.

Trade Ideas

Detailed trade ideas based on technical chart patterns.

Recommendation Trend

Monthly recommendation trend based on analysts views.

Financial Summaries

Easy to grasp annual and quarterly financial reports.

News Sentiments

Hot or not? Weekly news coverage rate and sentiment.

Personal Portfolio

Add and track assets using market or historical prices.

Asset Analysis

In-depth asset screen for a detailed analysis.

Notification Services

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when the time is right

Real time Alerts

You can create alerts for every asset. We will notify you when a certain price target is reached or the daily change reaches a specified value.

Breaking News

We are closely monitoring all major news channels and you will receive notifications whenever major events with market impact occur with no latency.

Price Changes

Daily significant price changes of assets on your watchlists will be reported in your news feed. You can also opt to real time notifications.

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